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 beautiful flower(s)

Alright guys, I took rigorous notes on the “classroom session” half of the evening. They asked some one-word answers and I am going to give you that portion right now! The other part was audience questions and I will post those later (they are quite in-depth and take time, you see.)

Members present: Matt Morrison, Jane Lynch, Cory Monteith, Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, Ryan Murphy

Name: Answer 

Favorite Word
Matt: Conundrum
Jane: Chimichanga 
Cory: Literally
Lea: Joyously
Chris: Reciprocate
Ryan: YES. 

Least Favorite Word
Matt: Boring
Jane: Fecal
Cory: I don’t know, ask her.
Lea: Delay
Chris: Rehearsal
Ryan: Turn-around

Turn Ons
Matt: Eye-contact
Jane: First Cup of coffee in the morning
Cory: People who are passionate about what they do
Lea: Food
Chris: Controlled Danger
Ryan: Home

Turn Offs
Matt: Like Jane said, ‘fecal’
Jane: Contempt prior to investigation 
Cory: Ignorance
Lea: Laziness
Chris: I was going to say ‘ignorance’ but instead I’ll say, ‘Call Times.’ Early Call Times.
Ryan: Prejudice

Noise That You Love
Matt: Waterfalls
Jane: Live Photography
Cory: Loud Music
Lea: When you go to a broadway show and they scan your ticket. That little, “doo-doo.”
Chris: Chimes in the wind
Ryan: Dogs snoring

Noise That You Hate
Matt: Rats
Jane: My phone ringing
Cory: Loud talking people
Lea: My alarm clock
Chris: Sirens
Ryan: The sounds trash trucks make

Favorite Curse Word
Matt: Mothafuckaaa
Jane: Fuckadelic
Cory: Fuck
Lea: Fuckin asshole
Chris: Shit
Ryan: Fuck

Profession You Would Want Were You Not an Actor
Matt: Gynecologist
Jane: A Barista
Cory: An airline Pilot
Lea: Chef
Chris: A Disney Imagineer
Ryan: Landscape Architect

Profession You Would Never Want
Matt: The dean of a school
Jane: Commissioned Telemarketer
Cory: Accountant
Lea: A flight attendant
Chris: Septic tank repairman
Ryan: Exterminator

What Would You Want God to Say to You as You Approached Heaven?
Matt: “Matthew, your grandparents are waiting right over there and they made you a Jack and Ginger”
Jane: “Good girl, woof!”
Cory: “I’m sorry I wasn’t there, but there’s a good explanation.”
Lea: I would want my Grandpa to say to me, “You dun good, kid.”
Chris: “Don’t listen to them, you get to come in, too.”
Ryan: “You did good.”

Also, I got to hug Ian Brennan tonight! AHH!
Any Questions, feel free to message me! 

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