everything happens

(a cartoon of Ten and I - drawn by my lovely friend, Hannah)

“Is there a word for total screaming genius that sounds modest and a tiny bit sexy?”

Bri. 21. ENFP. Empathic Psychic. I'm Awesome. This Tumblr is all about everything that I love. It doesn't have a specific theme, but here are a few key players who will DEFINITELY make an appearance on a normal basis: Orange is the New Black, Castle, Doctor Who, The Mentalist, Faking It, Awkward, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Broadway, Animals, How I Met Your Mother, Books, Youtube, Cute Boys, More like sexy men, Pretty Girls, and a LOT of nerdy things. Follow me :] You never know what could happen! Oh, and one more thing- I love you :]

Just so we're all 100% clear, I am not spoiler-free in any way, shape, or form. Often, I live-blog about whatever I'm watching. (Even if it's a re-run of antm from 2009. Because that's happened.) Oh. And I can get a little snarky sometimes, too.

 beautiful flower(s)

literally crying.

that is a reply to a birthday tweet from Andrea Barber who played Kimmy Gibbler on Full House.

this is so right.

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